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My passion for Kombucha started a few years ago when I attended a Kombucha workshop run by Yolande van Papendorp from Num-Num in Knysna. I instantly savoured the taste – not even being aware of the extensive health benefits! I have diabetes mellitus type 1 and soon discovered that it lowered my blood sugar levels; so much so that I have needed to inject less insulin.

I also started feeling and looking great. It radiated my skin and gave me a natural energy boost that was fantastic at that stage. I ran a beauty salon where I did a lot of treatments and massages, one after the other… My cholesterol came down from 8 to 5 and I lost 10 kilograms within 6 months.

I have always been interested in health and wellness and it has been such a blessing to have discovered this incredible health beverage. I cannot imagine my life without Tea of Life Raw Kombucha!

I have started Tea of Life because I would like to share kombucha with others.

If you would like to brew your own kombucha from home, you will most likely find a scoby in the bottles…that is if you do not swallow it!



Tea of Life’s Best Seller! Unique blend of green and black tea, fermented to perfection! This ancient health remedy is a naturally carbonated, unpasteurized probiotic drink with a strong and bold taste!

“to eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art” La Rochefoucould

Buchu & Lemon

The driest of them all. Lemons blended with medicinal buchu is a perfect match for the original kombucha flavour. Lemons alkalinizes your body while Buchu is thought of as an elixir of youth by the Khosian. Highly refreshing!

“until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” C.j.jung

Rooibos & Lemongrass

Refreshing, easy drinkable with a citrus twist. This flavour is liked by all and has the added benefits of local, cape rooibos tea which is anticarcinogenic and rich in anti oxidants.

“health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit” Bks Iyengar

Berry Boost

This is a perfect blend of flowers and berries, packed with Vit C to add an extra tartness to the already tangy kombucha. Its natural pink colour is alluring and can be drunk instead of champagne at any occasion.

“being healthy is a revolutionary act”  Pilar gerasimo


Ginger compliments the already bold original flavour to create a potent health drink! Its anti inflammatory properties helps the body function at an optimum level.

“the part can never be well unless the whole is well” Plato

Rose Geranium

The original taste with a subtle touch of Rose. It balances your entire system, lessens fatigue and promotes emotional and physical well being.

“all diseases begins in the gut” Hippocrates


Southern Penisula

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Tea of Life Raw Kombucha is a refreshing, naturally carbonated, cold, fermented tea with a unique sour / fruity flavour.

Kombucha is an “ancient fermented tea beverage” which is lightly effervescent and is full of probiotics, antioxidants, B vitamins and so much more. Tea of Life Raw Kombucha is produced by fermenting organic green and black tea and natural infusions* with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) – beneficial live cultures. It has roots in China, specifically the Qin Dynasty in 220 BCE with proven records of it travelling to Russia – eventually thriving to the health-conscious hippy communities of the 1970’s.

The SCOBY is fed – not sweetened – with sugar and after a significant amount of fermentation time, there are trace amounts of sugar left. The sugars are converted to healthy polyphenols and other beneficial acids during the fermentation process. Kombucha is safe to drink for most recovering from alcohol dependence – some say it actually helps with recovery.

As for caffeine, during the fermentation process the caffeine molecules are altered so it is not as potent as freshly brewed black tea.
To summarize; Tea of Life Raw Kombucha is a health tonic and is also referred to as an Elixir of Life!

Do: Drink lots of water and Eat more alkaline foods (i.e. raw vegetables)

Don’ts: Reduce refined carbohydrate intake to increase the detoxifying process. Kombucha will make you crave less tea, coffee and alkohol.

There are varying opinions on whether kombucha is safe to drink during pregnancy. With that said, many mothers have reported that they have been completely fine and benefitted from kombucha during pregnancy as well as while breastfeeding.

Kombucha has several health benefits which are great for expecting mothers:

  1. Increased energy levels
  2. Regulation of bowel movements
  3. Detoxifying to the body
  4. Helps maximize nutrient absorption [because it’s probiotic]

Pregnant women have reported that kombucha has helped them when they were feeling tiered, lacking energy and struggling with constipation (common during pregnancy).

Nutrient absorption is also key during pregnancy and kombucha helps aid the process of absordbing vitamins and nutrients into the diet.

However, there are some precautions to take, especially if you have never drunk kombucha before:

  1. Start slowly: Don’t drink more than 100ml per day and drink lots of water. Initially people may experience some side-effects as kombucha balances inter-flora – during this process, ‘bad’ bacteria is eliminated from the system which can cause headaches, fatigue etc.
  2. When breastfeeding, make sure you are hydrated (regardless of whether drinking kombucha or not)! Toxins are excreted through skin, sweat, urine, tears and even breast milk if you are not well hydrated.
  3. Lastly, while the increase in energy benefits you, your baby may not need the extra boost of energy – likewise when it comes bowel movements. Kombucha can cause overly-loose stools in your baby and you don’t want to risk dehydrating her/him. So, if her/his stools start becoming abnormal when you drink kombucha, stop drinking kombucha.

** Please consult your doctor first!