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My passion for Kombucha started in 2015 after attending a Kombucha workshop. As I savored the taste of this unusual brew and began to uncover the extensive health benefits of this ancient health tonic my interest peaked.

I live with Type 1 Diabetes and I was surprised to discover that drinking Kombucha reduced my blood sugar levels, a daily battle for Type 1’s, which led to less dependence on Insulin. I felt revitalized by the natural energy boost. My cholesterol dropped from 8 to 5, my Vitamin B levels also rose tremendously.

I knew I had to find a way to share the benefits of this natural health elixir with others. I quit my day job and started brewing Kombucha and Tea of Life was born.

Why choose Tea of Life?

In my pursuit of high quality standards, I take personal responsibility for every batch of Kombucha brewed in the factory. Each batch is riguruously taste tested and only bottled once it has been fermented to perfection.

Our mission is to avoid cost saving shortcuts that only result in cheaper products lacking flavor and vitality. We are a very small team and aim to brew a natural, real kombucha that is unfiltered and unpasteurised, resulting in an exceptional healthy probiotic drink full of live bacteria.

Only the finest real ingredients and teas are used. No artificial flavors or colorants. We use REAL ginger and REAL lemons!

Tea of Life Kombucha is slowly and consciously brewed – for you.

Elizabeth Gunther - Founder of Tea of Life


Tea of Life Original flavour


Our utmost respect for the naturally slow, ancient brewing method is integral to the unique, bold flavor of our Real Raw Kombucha, fermented with consciously selected black and green tea.

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Tea of Life Ginger flavour


Tea of Life’s sole dedication to using fresh, real ginger amplifies the anti-inflammatory potency of this ancient health tonic. An Invigorating and energetic experience.

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Tea of Life Hemp flavour


The combination of our thoughtful slow brew process with the diverse properties of this master plant brings calmness, vitality and deliciousness! A marriage of two ancient wisdoms in an effervescent delight.

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Tea of Life Rose Geranium flavour

Rose Geranium

A revitalizing and uplifting recipe. All of the goodness of our Original flavor with a subtle, but fragrant, floral touch.

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Tea of Life Buchu Lemon flavour

Buchu Lemon

Every mouthful is refreshing, complimented by the invigorating flavor of REAL lemons and restorative Buchu.

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Tea of Life Rooibos Lemongrass flavour

Rooibos & Lemongrass

The distinctive flavor of Cape Rooibos tea meets the pain relieving qualities of lemon grass in a combination as delicious as it is beneficial.

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Tea of Life Original flavour 660ml bottle

660ml Original

Shared round the lunch table, at a party or a picnic on the beach – a bigger bottle for bigger occasions. A natural cork stopper included with each bottle.

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Naturally Carbonated

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